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s a simple one, after● all.The recent past ha

d simply for the momen▓t been obliterat

ed, and I tr●ansported back for a moment ●into the old time.As I stood now in the middl●e of the floor, my eye was struck by the stran▓geness of my surroundings. “Why, ho▓w is this” I questioned.“Where am ▓I”

For a trice I was bewil●dered, but only for a

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u▓th reasserted itsel

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圵ell, at last the storm had broken; at last▓ I realized.At last I could no long▓er reproach myself for a want of▓ sensib

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ility.At last I had my desire.▓I yielded myself to the enjoyment of it ●for the remainder of the day●. For weeks afterward I lay at the point of● death.The slow convalescence that e▓nsued afforded me plen

12 years

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180 awards

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oint of view, and to get acc▓ustomed to und

erstanding that the light● had gone out of my sky.Of cour▓se I hated the

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fate that condemned me t●o regain my health.The thou▓ght that I should have to dr●ag out years and years of blank▓, aimless, joyless life, appalled me.T▓he future was a night through which I sho▓uld be com

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pelled to toil with n▓o h

ope of morning.Strangely enough, ●the idea of suicide never once suggested ▓itself. When I was able to go ▓out, I repaired to Epstein’s office.Sev▓eral little matters remained to be settled wit●h him.As I was about to leave, he said▓, “Neuman, do you propose to take an●y steps toward finding the murder●er” “Toward finding the murd●erer Why, no; I had not thought o●f doing so.” “But of cours●e you wi

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